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As I mentioned a while back, Heather and I spent a bunch of time this spring and summer talking (and talking, and talking, and then, for good measure, talking some more) about our respective paths with home education. We had no particular agenda for these conversations, other than to candidly share our experiences in a format that felt comfortable to us both.


This was incredibly refreshing and rewarding for me; for all sorts of reasons, I don’t write much anymore about our family’s educational journey, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to share that journey, especially with someone who understands well the particular joys and challenges of walking this twisting path. Although her family’s path has in many ways been very different than ours, Heather understands; indeed, I found that some of the most interesting conversations centered around the ways in which our journeys have diverged.


The result of all this talking – followed by my fumbling attempts to manage the audio-editing component – is a project we’re calling Home Grown Education. Although there are aspects of this project that would qualify it for “workshop” status, we’ve taken to calling it an “offering.” This reflect its conversational nature, and the simple fact that neither Heather nor I has any intention of telling anyone how to educate their children. Neither of us believes we have this all figured out, and both of us are struck by the degree to which our children’s education has become our education. And we’re still learning. All. The. Freaking. Time.


Anyway. Although this offering is audio-centered, there’s a bunch more to talk about. Here’s what’s going on:

  • Four Episodes – In total, you will find close to 4 hours of audio recordings. In these recordings we talk about Our Respective Homeschooling PathsSocialization and Community, Joys and Challenges, and Looking Toward the Future. (The fourth episode will be released mid-September, all others are available now.)
  • Q&A – Over the winter Heather solicited homeschool related questions and we answered many of those throughout the episodes.
  • Archive of Writings – We have pulled together an archive of our education related writings* so you can have them in one easy to use, beautifully designed, digital resource. Within this near 50 page ebook you will also find a section of printables that Heather has utilized over the years; everything from planning the homeschool week to writing transcripts. She’s also included a full list of her curriculum, representing 7th grade through high school, with her thoughts on each item.
  • Community – We look forward to offering a space where we can interact in a setting that is more private than our regular websites.
  • Support – To me, this might be the most important aspect of this offering, because of course we all need support from time-to-time, and no more so than when we make big decisions about our children’s lives that are seen by some as “alternative,” if not downright questionable. Bring your questions, and we’ll do our best to provide honest and encouraging answers. (Feel free to bring concerns too… we love hashing out a good homeschool related concern.)
  • Join Anytime – This offering and the accompanying website will remain available for six months (until 2/15/17). We will pop into the comments a few times per week throughout this time, to connect and answer your questions.

If this sounds intriguing to you, we’d love to have you join us. This project has been a true labor of love for both of us, and we’re really excited to have it out in the world.


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14 thoughts on “Home Grown Education”

    1. I don’t currently… I’ll see if I can pull something together for you… but it might be a little bit.


  1. Hey Ben! This looks amazing, just wondering if there are any other payment options other than paypal? I don’t have an account, but will consider getting one to order this from you guys! Please let me know if there are options!
    Thanks~ Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy,

      There is an option to use a regular credit/debit card when you checkout. Paypal doesn’t make it super obvious, but it’s there.

      1. Click the “add to cart” button.
      2. Next page, click the yellow “checkout with paypal” button.
      3. On the next page it suggests payment options; choose “pay with online bank account, debit, or credit card” and proceed from there.

      Hope this helps, and thanks for asking.

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