Minus the Fried Pig Tail

Beautiful rain last night, long and steady and soaking, and I slept in that way I always sleep on rainy nights, never fully waking to the falling water, but often aware of it, coming into consciousness just enough to surrender to the pleasure of falling back out of it. It’s like getting drunk a half-dozen times in one night. Except it’s free. And no hangover!

This is another logistical post to announce two upcoming workshops here at Lazy Mill Living Arts. I will be leading both of them, which I mention primarily as encouragement for those of you who might think you don’t have the stuffing for these endeavors. Because if I can do it, lemme tell ya’, you sure as hell can, too.

Oh, wait, one more thing: I have a short piece up at State 14 about our friends Jimmy and Sara Ackermann. Those of you who’ve read my Yankee magazine story will be familiar with them.

Onto the workshops. The first is:

baconcampMost of what you need to know is on the poster. The rest of what you might need to know is that the workshop runs from 9 – 5 on both days. It is BYOB and BYOF (F for food), though we will have simple snacks available (fresh fried pig tail, anyone?). You are welcome to camp on our land, but it will be very primitive… If you’re lucky, we might let you pitch a tent. If you have any other questions, please email me at info@lazymilllivingarts.com.

Ok, up next is…. Building From the Land!buildingfromthelandAll details are pretty much the same as for Bacon Camp, minus the fried pig tail. Again, please email info@lazymilllivingarts.com for more info.

I also want to give a plug for a workshop that’s going to be hosted at my friends Ryan and Susan Hayes’s place in nearby Hyde Park, VT. It’s being led by another friend, Lisa McCrory, who’s partnered to one of my favorite curmudgeon’s, the indomitable Carl Russell. Lisa’s workshop is on the art of agricultural dowsing, and I’d probably go if I weren’t so afraid of being exposed to things I don’t understand. But you are presumably way more open-minded and should DEFINITELY attend.¬†FoMH_DowsingWorkshop_01Arh


4 thoughts on “Minus the Fried Pig Tail”

  1. These look pretty neat and something our family would be interested in. It’s too bad our kids are so small and we are on a tight budget right now or we would make the trip! I hope you are still putting on workshops like this in a few years! Super useful stuff.

  2. Best of luck with the work shops! Keep them coming and, if/when we get the camper we have our eye on, Vermont would be one of the places highest on the list to go. Peace!

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