About Ben


I was born and raised in northern Vermont, in a two-room cabin situated on the 165-acre homestead my father purchased in the late 60’s for a whooping $15,000. At 16, the legal age of “school leaving” in my home state, I dropped out of high school to support myself in the building trades. I began writing for magazines in my early 20’s; within two years, freelance magazine writing became my sole means of supporting myself and later my family.

I now live in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom with my wife and two sons, where we run a small-scale, diversified hill farm. Our focus is producing nutrient dense foods from vibrant, mineralized soils for ourselves and the immediate community.

I have written five books, am currently working on a sixth, and I still write the occasional magazine story. I am tremendously grateful to be so privileged. Thank you for your support.

kids and cow