Over the Land

View from the kitchen table, morning of April 22, 2021

Early in the evening I walk a half-mile to the town hall for a select board meeting. It’s snowing hard. The snow catches in the rough nap of my jacket and accumulates on the tops of my boots. The road is unplowed and I walk straight down its middle because that’s what passes for excitement these days. Coming home I spot a truck off the road at the corner just past the one-way bridge, and quicken my pace, because the opportunity to pull someone out of a ditch is even more exciting than walking down the middle of the road in an April snowstorm. But by the time I reach the stuck truck, another truck has stopped and a tow strap is being strung between the two vehicles. There’s nothing to do but idly watch and secretly hope that Truck A is too stuck for Truck B to extract it and I’ll have reason to jog home for the tractor and a chain. It’s been a lean year for pulling rigs from ditches – I haven’t notched a single one, come to think of it – and lord knows I need a little something to juice the adrenals.

Alas, the pull goes down without a hitch, and I continue on my ambling way, step-by-step through the insistent squall, six-inches or more already, the snow that takes the snow, the poor man’s fertilizer, the softest, quietest quilt draped lightly over the land.

2 thoughts on “Over the Land”

  1. Ben….I know it’s getting late in the season for snow but that sure is a peaceful scene from your kitchen table. Love that quilt! Thanks for the photo and the post.

  2. Those guys that pull people out of ditches and stuck places…they are the fricking best. Thank you for the glimpse into the mindset of such a person. I always wondered why they like it so much, but mostly I love that they are out there, waiting. They don’t take no for an answer either, I’ve tried….they insist. Superheroes damnit!

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