Still Cold Enough

For five whole days, sun. And with the sun, heat. Along dirt roads I drive past newly mown hayfields, taking that sweet smell deep to the bottom of my lungs. Standing in line at Willey’s, I listen as customers lament the heat and humidity. I wait my turn, buy my ice cream sandwich, eat it in the truck on the drive home, slowing for two chickens to cross the road, then speeding up again. Gary Clark Jr on the stereo.

Soon home, I am alone, my family scattered like dandelion seed. I’m alone so much more now; my sons teetering on the cusp of adulthood, both with jobs, both with lives steadily expanding like filling balloons, like my lungs breathing hay smell, my wife immersed in myriad projects and collaborations beyond this small holding.

I feed the chickens, fill the cows’ water, and dip into the pond where, if one dives deep enough, it’s still cold enough to take your breath away.




15 thoughts on “Still Cold Enough”

  1. Your writing is always a breath of fresh air. It’s difficult to imagine having lots of time alone since my children are young. Perhaps less appealing than I would expect. Though with the farm, there’s probably always something that needs attention…

  2. A little boy walking on hay bales is the first thing that shows on the oldest post I just clicked on for fun. How fitting… I watched a video about Stoicism yesterday and one part that resonated was about how it’s proper to simply give your best effort because once your time is up, it’s up. I think you give a proper example of that…

  3. I always look forward to your writing – and you never disappoint. Thank you. You say so much with so little….

  4. I am seeing a theme of cold contrasting the hot in this post. You’re a good dad, I’m probably going to cling to my child as long as humanly possible. Bad to admit it, but that’s just how it is. When the day does come, she will be replaced with many kittens.

  5. Love this: “with lives steadily expanding like filling balloons, like my lungs breathing hay smell”. This post sparer than most. Who said: Take away all the words that aren’t useful.

  6. GOD loves humans to such a degree that he moved Willis Carrier to invent air conditioning. IIRC, reaching back to my youthful days, A/C is only necessary, or at least very desirable, outside of the cities of northern New England for three or four weeks annually.

  7. Beautiful and thought provoking. I took a few dips in the chilly brook by my house and ate an ice cream sandwich this weekend. Our house is also quieter this summer with my daughter at work or off in her truck. The season of soaking up the hay scent and letting go.

  8. I live in western Australia Ben ,been following along with your blog for years now ,we have not much in common,just the fact that we work land but this post made my heart sigh,as I feel very similar today .

  9. Mr. Hewitt….Being late to the party sometimes has advantages. Just discovering your most entertaining writing this past week allows me the privilege of going through the archives here back to the beginning. Specific things are sticking like your sons trying out the smelling salts at the gym…only one time; or that the best time to plant a tree or blueberry bush was 20 years ago, the second best time being now; or the guy running in the roadside mush in the darkness of the early morning while you try to see his face; what if kids in school were required to identify trees by third grade (they certainly should). Great stuff. Often poetic. Touching my soul; giving beautiful imagery, wishing I was in VT smelling cow dung and not in China breathing exhaust fumes. Back to the archives.

    Tom Gorton
    Nanning, China

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