Coupla Things


First, Penny’s hosting a black ash pack basket workshop at our place the last weekend in April. You should probably  absofreakinglutely come. You’ll leave with a beautiful basket made with your own two hands, though of course folks with any number of hands are encouraged to attend. Untitled.jpgcollage

Second, Penny’s now offering a limited supply of her birch bark handcraft through her Etsy shop, which you can access here. Leather straps, antler buttons, buckskin closures: These will NOT be available at a WalMart near you anytime soon, if you get my drift.

3 thoughts on “Coupla Things”

  1. Penny (via Ben please): May yours be the erasing of walmart one buckskin closure at a time, And as I know you do the garden, bless you bless you bless you. will

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