For Renee, Even Shorter


Heavy rain and wind in the night, and when I awoke at a wee hour, I tried for some time to differentiate between the two. But the noise was too chaotic, and just when I thought I knew which sound was wind, and which rain, I’d be certain it was the other way ’round. So then I thought of morning, of the kindling I’d split before bed, off a slab of kiln-dried pine, and how easy it would turn to fire in the cookstove. And how funny it is that for all the big plans we make (love, money, family, work, and so on), how often life boils down to almost nothing. Rain or wind, wind or rain. Fire in the stove. I like to sit by it while daylight comes.

8 thoughts on “For Renee, Even Shorter”

  1. First Ben Hewitt posting I’ve received in ages. Great thoughts (and words) as usual! and this is the first time I’ve seen the Lazy Mill Hill Farm logo. Have I been missing something?

  2. Hi Gene,
    Not sure why you haven’t been getting posts – I haven’t heard of anyone else having issues – but glad they’re coming to you now. Hope you’re doing great.

  3. Not to go all stoned hippy on you or nothing, but some appropriate lyrics from Weather Report Suite:

    Golden hills, now veiled in grey,
    Summer leaves have blown away
    Now what remains? The wind and rain.

  4. I too know the pleasure of burning wood. My Mother cooked on a wood stove all her life, she died when she was almost 101. I don’t cook on a wood stove but I do heat with wood. Love the smell of hickory burning, nothing like it.

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