7 thoughts on “Talkin’”

  1. Is it just my dumb satellite internet connection acting up yet again, or did you not post a link for the interview?
    I love Daniel Vitalis’ Rewilding Podcast, and I subscribe to it and get all episodes automatically, but your other readers might not.
    I can’t wait to listen to this, but I’ll probably cry my way through the interview, since all of my three homeschooled kids decided to go to public school next year.

    1. Hey Corina,

      The words “this one” are linked…

      I’ll email you privately about your tears…


  2. Loved it, especially a someone living an urban life in Denver and dreaming of a homestead in the PNW. I should just do it…right?! I also work for a school district, and I love my job but hate the entire system/paradigm I work in, which presents an odd conflict every day and could probably be best resolved by dropping out entirely.

  3. How cool to hear two of my favorites talking…I laughed several times, especially regarding how some people treat their dogs/kids:}

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