So I Guess Don’t Hold Your Breath

img_5254I call this one “skiing through downtown.” Because that’s what I’m doing

This morning I drove down the mountain road in the early light, and when I cast my eyes skyward, I was pleased to see the multi-colored arc of a rainbow. It appeared to end in the forest just beyond the field where our friend John’s big work horses nosed at flakes of hay, but I’ve chased enough damnable rainbow ends to know that no matter how determinedly I trudged through the snow, it’d always be just a few steps ahead of me. Yeah. I’ve smartened up to that game.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a rainbow in February; this might be because it’s never happened, or it might be because my memory’s nothing to write home about. It had rained in the night – not hard, and not enough put much of a dent in the snowpack, but the air was warm and heavy with moisture. I could feel the heaviness in my step as I did morning chores, a quiet weariness, as if my nightly slumber had drained rather than rejuvenated. Even my thoughts felt thick and uncertain.

February. Everyone’s talking of the upcoming sugaring season, disappearing firewood piles, remaining hay stores. Maple syrup prices are down. The price of fluid milk is up from last year, down from last month, and remains far below the cost of production. Saw logs are low, too. At least the frequent snows mean the plow guys are making money. I drove home amongst them last night, before the storm had turned to rain, the car slipping and spinning in the fresh snow, and I was reminded of how much I like driving in the snow, soft on the gas, counter-steering through the corners. Not fast, not like when we were young, but a little loose. Truthfully, it’s the safest way to drive in snow.

We are looking for an Instagram-compatible iPhone (4 and up, I believe). Does anyone have one they’d part with cheap? You will be rewarded with blurry photos of work horses standing under February rainbows. The next time we get a February rainbow, that is. So I guess don’t hold your breath.

Music: In anticipation of tonight’s Drive-by Truckers show, I offer this version of one of my personal faves.





28 thoughts on “So I Guess Don’t Hold Your Breath”

  1. Ben- damnable rainbows indeed! I have a Samsung 5s (water resistant version) that is just collecting dust… unless your heart is set on an iPhone… it’s AT&T network if you’re going to connect that way.

    1. Sorry- it’s a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (slightly older than a 5S) works fine and has a good camera on it.

    2. Thanks, Michael… I think we’re gonna go with the iPhone offered by my cousin in Cali… just b/c we’re familiar with that platform. But I really appreciate the offer.


  2. Man oh man, same thing happening here. No rainbows, but shitloads of snow. We have a foot on the ground, and my morning chores involves lugging heavy buckets of warm water to the goats, ducks and chickens. I’m glad the pigs were slaughtered two months ago, since instead of shlepping water to them, we can instead eat sausage we made from them.

  3. We bought an LG Destiny “iPhone” for $53 Its a tracfone. The Rebel is another. Depends on the carrier in your area It is actually quite good. The data can be turned off to only use WiFi while you are at home. That can be switched to 4G when out. I use it for instagram and everything else. The camera is better than my actual camera. It has 8 internal gB of memory.We put a micro SD card in it for 32 more. We got triple minutes for life. WiFi does not use minutes. I’m pleased with it

  4. I have a AT&T Galaxy S5 Active.I’m going to upgrade to a S7 in a couple of days. If you’re interested, $50 takes it.

  5. We’re getting February thunderstorms here rather than rainbows. The old wives tale is that when you have thunder in winter, you will have snow about 10 days later. This has been true many times in my life and hoping for some more before the season is over. We have not had much of a winter here and I am envious of your photos. Skiing to town sounds wonderful!
    Somehow I had you figured for an out-of-date flip phone user like me. 🙂 Hope you find something that will work for you.

    1. Me too ncfarmchick. I call her ‘old flippy’, and she works just fine. Just kidding, I don’t call ‘her’ that. I call myself that. I have an internet addiction (going to say that right out loud) and one of those fancy new technology phones would be a bad idea.

      1. Ha! Love it, Tricia. I don’t text either and have seriously considered getting a T shirt proclaiming that fact so I don’t have to tell people all the time. The internet is not an issue for me but I just don’t want to be that accessible. And I stubbornly refuse to buy something else when the thing I already have works just fine for me. Plus, I kind of prefer to actually talk to people than read a message. Call me crazy. A friend once called me “prematurely geriatric” and I was OK with that. :))

    2. We’re actually not looking for phone capabilities… it’s all about the camera and the ability to run the Instagram app.

      We’ve had a real nice run of winter conditions. I love it.


  6. The tracfone deals are great if you don’t need a phone a lot. I changed from flip phone to a Samsung something-or-other. Monthly bill is only about $11.95. It’s usually off but the googlemaps app has helped me get unlost a couple of times. I use the voice directions to tell me where to turn. But the really best use of the phone is finding “where locals eat” when I’m out and about and hungry. And I no longer have to print out email coupons. I just show my phone to the cash register person and tell them I don’t know how to access the coupon if I haven’t figured it out while standing in line. Plus we might start geocaching.

    1. Thanks for this info, Donna. I’m starting to realize I may be paying more for the service on my ancient flip phone than others pay for their “fancy” phones. Go figure….

  7. Yeah, which carrier do you need? I’ve got a 4S iPhone for AT&T that I’d let go for a couple emails worth of advice haha. Mine has had the screen and back replaced, but is in perfect working order.
    A rainbow in February is probably a rare event for you, but it’s been spring here for the past two months seemingly. I recently experienced noontime sunshowers, and I noticed my first moondoggies a couple weeks ago, during a cold flash.

    1. Thanks, Scott. I think we’re all set, but I’m still happy to offer what advice I can. So long as it’s understood that it’s probably worth exactly what you’ll be paying for it;)


      1. Glad to hear you found one. I hear you on the advice, but you’re one of the very few people homesteading in a self built house…

  8. Hi, Just want to make sure you know you can use IG without a phone – I use only internet, take photos with my Nikon, upload onto computer and post to IG using free software called Gamblr. I like to participate without selling out, ya know.

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