Ready or Not


Feeding Out. Photo by Dylan Griffin. You can find more of his work – along with some real fine writing – at State 14

Ten o’clock and tee shirt weather. My family is away for the day, leaving me to my nefarious devices. Siding. Saw logs. The last swim in the pond (this time, surely, I mean it). There is snow in the forecast; not surprising, but still more than I feel ready for. But ready or not, here it comes.

Miscellany before I hit the woods: Someone recommended the documentary Peter and the Farm. We watched it, and I can confirm that it’s quite good. Depressing in ways, inspiring in others. Beautiful all around.

Susan M, thank you so much for your letter. It meant a lot. I wanted to reply in kind, but managed to misplace your return address, so I guess this’ll have to do.

This is one of the scariest, most sorrowful things I’ve ever heard. In all honesty, it brought me real close to tears, and we all know what a rough n’ tumble guy I am.

Music: Knopfler doing Telegraph Road. I’ve always loved this tune.



19 thoughts on “Ready or Not”

  1. Peter and the Farm was a great flick. Hard, but real good. Found myself wanting to give that guy a hug, make him a hot meal, and listen to him for hours. Then listen some more.

    (Also, I’m not rough n’ tumble enough…)

  2. Telegraph Road…Love Over Gold CD best played on a long dark drive. The first CD I put in the car the day after the election.

    1. yeah, that’s my favorite view from our place. You’re seeing the northern aspect… off to the west, you can see the Green Mountain range.

  3. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Music is the highest and best thing we as humans have ever done or will do. I would like to call Earth The Music Planet. I am a visual artist and I think the arts have done some great things but music is the highest achievement. It can make us happy or sad but above all inspire us.

    For the other, evil comes in all shapes and sizes but is most evil when it justifies itself in the name of love.

  4. Don’t shy away from calling it evil. As Trungpa Chogyam Rinpoche said (and I paraphrase) you look the enemy in the eye as he comes at you with his sword. You look with loving kindness and then you cut his head off.

    Or do nothing. It’s all the same.

  5. Having once been a solider, I’m rather fond on Knopfler performing Brothers In Arms, with the Nelson Mandela tribute performance from 1988 being particularly good.

      1. That’s why they call it “hunting”, not “killing”!

        I’m sure that once Fin & Rye know their territory like the back of their hands, they’ll know know how to make small drives, one shooter and one driver, or they’ll know where the deer trails are and where the best ambush spots are.

        That said, deer hunting in New England can be frustrating, as density numbers aren’t very high.

  6. “This time, surely, I mean it”. 🙂 wow still warm there.. I am in the gorgeous bronze colored Ozarks of Arkansas, leaves are still on, country music on, but pastures were frozen and crunchy this morning and our toes frozen in sleeping bags. Oh the goodness of music!!!!!

  7. Tripping down memory lane and updating the play list, added these and a few more;

    Al Stewart – Time Passages
    Bread – Aubrey
    Ambrosia – Your The Only Woman
    Bee Gees – More Than A Woman
    Earth, Wind, & Fire – Let’s Groove

  8. Oh your beautiful blue skies. We have had them over here in England for three days now, with sharp frost. What a perfect joy it has been. No doubt we shall soon be back to mizzle and rain.
    I envy you your skies, but not your alt-right 😦

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