Generally Speaking


The leaves were late to turn this year but now are in full riot. It has been warm, almost surreally so, and it feels to me as if the upcoming season is coiling itself, fattening us on sunshine and shirtsleeves, turning us soft and witless before the killing strike.

Every day lately I pass someone putting up a late cutting of hay, third cut or even fourth, the familiar whir of the mower, that sweet smell of fresh-cut grass. I dreamed I was driving our neighbors’ big New Holland tractor across our field, and then, for reasons I could not have anticipated in any rational way, the next morning I was.

Generally speaking, I believe we all know more than we think we do.

15 thoughts on “Generally Speaking”

  1. It is no doubt true that we know more than we think we know. It is also true that we say more than we know. And generally speaking, saying more than we know over and over (which we do) is less than healthful. Because we naturally come to believe what we’re saying. Soon enough we’re enacting it.

    1. Pathological liars convince themselves that their lies are true and act accordingly. If their lies injure others, they justify it by saying/thinking that the injured party should have known better. When their lies are caught/recognized, they are often highly offended and seldom admit their guilt, rather, they justify their actions or deflect blame. Long-term addicts are often highly skilled liars. Generally speaking.

  2. This seems to put extra significance on being an optimist or a pessimist. A few nights ago, perhaps two night after my first sea kayaking, I dreamt of a great white shark swimming near my little craft, thankfully not interested in it.

  3. That last phrase will be on a slow simmer in my brain all day….I do believe you are right… generally speaking.

  4. Mind looks for self in forms: dream forms, knowledge forms, emotion forms and is never satisfied but perpetuates the spinning of the wheel.

  5. “Generally speaking”…immediately sounded, literally, to my ear, like “relatively easy’. Hmmm, And the thought seems to operate at that usually just beyond consciousness level. Shall we keep an eye on Jason Isbell’s next album?

  6. I had a similar moment today. As I was driving home a thought came out of nowhere about how we take water completely for granted in the UK, and I imagined what it would be like to have no running water and to have to conserve every last drop..
    I arrived home to find no water supply. A burst main somewhere apparently. Coincidence?

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