Teen Earthskills Immersion Program


Teen Earthskills Immersion Program

It is through immersive, hands on, participatory experiences in nature that connections to the wild are made deepest. Rather than making a craft and hanging it on the wall, you use it. Rather than admiring the forest from afar, you are part of it. This is the experience we are creating with this program.

Come join us at Lazy Mill Living Arts for our one weekend-a-month teen program. At each meeting we will learn what it takes to camp out and be comfortable during that part of the year. In December this might be in a wall tent with a wood stove. Our focus will be on the nearest seasonal wild harvest, from acorns to muskrat. In addition to harvesting these foods we will learn how to preserve and cook with them. We will also make tools and crafts useful to living with the land, such as hafting a knife or carving a digging stick. Other skills and activities will include blacksmithing, archery, tracking and games.

The dates for the weekends:

Oct 3 & 4

Nov 7 & 8

Dec 5 & 6

Students arrive each Saturday at 9:30 am and stay until 3 pm Sunday

Please bring lunch for each day. Dinner and breakfast provided. As always, we strive for local and organic foods in all our meals.

Program Cost: $450 for Fall Session (Oct-Dec), $600 for Spring Session (Jan, March, April, May)

Scholarship applications are available

Located in Stannard, VT

Ideal for ages 13-17

We are flexible on age of participants if someone is really excited about taking the course

Please contact us for more information!

7 thoughts on “Teen Earthskills Immersion Program”

  1. I’m curious as to how the last re-wilding class went. I don’t mean that in a “prove to me this would be a worthwhile class” way, just remembered hearing about one scheduled for august, then never heard about it again.
    Not that I am owed that news.
    I am just intensely curious about how your recent ambitions are going/went, but can’t come up to VT to shake your hand.

  2. Congratulations on your efforts and bravery to add this to your busy schedules! Sounds like a great opportunity for the young people. We’ll be growing into those shoes and hopefully one day can join your school. I am assuming this is a joint effort with friends and local wilderness masters, nice work!
    I wished I could still lie about my age to pass for a 15 year old. 🙂
    Are you guys still holding the bacon camp or did that need to be pushed out? The pictures on the Lazy Mills site are wonderful, you can just feel the crunch of those apples and all.

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