Their Disneyland

December 6, 2013 § 7 Comments


Penny’s camera recently suffered a terminal injury, so until we muster enough scratch for a replacement, you’re stuck with old-stock pics of cows looking at you crazy, as Eumaeus so delightfully put it a while back.

Yesterday, Penny took the boys up to northern(er) Vermont, to where Nate has erected his self-built wall tent on 1,000-acres of land upon which he has procured trapping and hunting privileges. He is intending to stay for many months, living off  snowshoe hares and the flesh of the beavers he traps. He has a friend staying with him, but there was just enough room in the tent for the fellas to join them for a night.

The boys were ecstatic to be invited. Of course. Within minutes of his call, they’d filled their pack baskets: Hatchets and spare longjohns and rolled up sheepskins to sleep on and who knows what else. Penny sent along some milk and a blueberry cake, which I suspect will go down right good after a dinner of stewed beaver haunch.

It’s strange not having the guys here. One of the things about the way we parent and live in general is that the four of us spend an awful lot of time together. This is by design. But I will admit to a few panicky moments last night, as Penny and I talked what our lives will look like after the boys have up and left. For so many years, they have been the focal point of our lives, and it’s a little frightening to imagine their absence. I suspect we’re not unique in this regard, although I do wonder if the simple fact of how much time we pass in their company makes us even more susceptible to the emotional turbulence that remains in space they leave in their wake.

Ah, well. So it goes. For the time being, we’re just enormously grateful that our sons are being offered such opportunities. To spend a night with their trapping mentor, out on the land, in a tent he made with his own hands… it is their version of a trip to Disneyland, or meeting a favorite sports superstar, or being invited to jam with Eddie Van Halen. Wait a second… that’s my dream.

In any event, the boys will be back home in a few hours, and our lives will be returned to their chaotic norm. And thank goodness for that.

§ 7 Responses to Their Disneyland

  • Eumaeus says:

    You trust Nate. You trust your boys. You trust yourself. Trust is perhaps THE foundation. Ask a wild bird to flit to your palm.

    With such foundations there will likely be little absence or ‘wake’ as your boys grow. There will just be change.

    Imagine the trust it takes to know that your kids will change your cloth diapers and bathe you and feed you food that doesn’t require chewing when your mind is gone and it comes back only once or twice a week for a moment here and there.

    That is blessed foundation. And it comes from trust. Oh, trust.

  • Kent says:

    What a unique “Disney World” opportunity for Fin & Rye. And you sure are right Ben: “letting go” is one of life’s toughest challenges, whether it’s health, wealth, a family member, relationships, home, vocation, dreams, life itself, or your kids leaving the nest. (Fortunately you seem not to be threatened with any such imminent loss.) To survive the unwelcome need to “let go,” a major psychological adjustment must come into play. Hopefully all the “positive” blessings accumulated up to such moment will allow constructive adaptation to carry one forward. You and Penny are certainly amassing an enormous wealth of positive blessings to provide all necessary energy to move forward when needed. Your memories already are huge, and down the road will be almost unthinkable!

  • Sweetness all around! Enjoy the ride and keep fingers crossed for grandchildren.

  • KC says:

    I’ve just found your blog via Heather of Beauty that Moves. It’s really refreshing to read a guys point of view on unschooling and homesteading and attachment parenting. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  • Dawn says:

    “The most magical place on Earth” sounds like it is in Vermont, not Florida or California. What a wonderful opportunity for your boys and time of reflection for you and Penny. I imagine you will all be changed at least a little by the experience.

  • hjmoore394 says:

    Such a great title…I’m part of the homeschooling community just across Lake Champlain in New York. Always nice to have our choices validated. Best!

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