In the Flesh

February 28, 2013 § 7 Comments

For anyone who would like to meet in person, maybe share some conversation and/or a beer, I have updated my sorely neglected appearances page. There will be more dates coming, as scheduling for the SAVED world  anyplace-I-can-get-to-and-back-in-an-evening tour has only just begun.



§ 7 Responses to In the Flesh

  • Wendy H says:

    Well, hopefully I won’t have to wait till June to see you around town – it’s not that big! ;-)

  • Elizabeth says:

    No way! June 18 is the first day of our vaca in VT! Andrew and I will definately be there in Montpelior.

  • Mary Ann in Middlebury, Vermont says:

    Oh Ben, come to Middlebury….sending you a very please!!

    • Ben Hewitt says:

      Is there an independent book shop in Middlebury??

      If so, I can see if they’d be interested in hosting a reading.

  • Mary Ann Deverell says:

    Yes, Ben, the Vermont Book Shop is here in Middlebury! You would love it! We have the nicest folks here in Middlebury that would love to come and hear you speak. You would love the Book Shop but I am also, thinking that you might like to come to our Theater! The Town Hall Theater here in Middlebury is also pretty amazing!! I know the Executive Director, Doug Anderson, and he would love to speak with you about coming to the Theater for a reading!

    I would *love* to help you out with either of these locations…just let me know.

    A huge fan,
    Mary Ann

  • Angela says:

    A beer sounds lovely. I hope you end up near my way sometime.


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