Fairy Tale

May 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Almost every morning lately, the boys disappear into the woods, fishing poles and containers of worms in hand, only to return an hour later with a half-dozen brookies and maybe a few morels or some wild leeks.

The cows are on grass, and I move them to a new paddock every morning. They know the routine. They wait for me by the fence line.

I am 40, but I am stronger and more capable than when I was 30. Or even 20. I have been working long hours outside, day after day after day, book deadline be damned. I wake up eager, not merely in mind, but in body. It’s a good feeling.

We swim naked in the pond every day, usually twice or more.

Sometimes I feel as if I inhabit a fairy tale, but it is real, and it’s impossible to describe how happy that makes me.





§ One Response to Fairy Tale

  • maggiemehaffey says:

    Knowing that you have this to come home to after being on the road to our speaking engagement makes me happy! I really enjoyed your talk last night. Keep pinching yourself. Know that you live a life that’s more honest and real than what so many others yolk themselves to and call a “life.” You’re living the dream full on. It probably doesn’t get any better…

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