Tempting Fate

February 13, 2012 § 3 Comments

It is dangerous to think that winter might almost be over, but no one can help it. It just feels that way; the days are creepingly longer, and the sun has been shining in that late winter way. Not warm, but warm-ish. Not high, but getting higher. Not just bright, but almost too bright, reflecting and refracting off the thin veneer of snow covering the land. The sugarers are tapping in anticipation of an early run, and yesterday afternoon, when I went to the pigs, I found them lounging outside, their bacons turned to the azure sky. Good pigs.

I’ve always loved winter, but I have to admit, it’s fine to feel the slow shift toward spring. This is partly due to the long list of tasks pinned to the pantry door; it’s a list that we already know will not be completed, although no one’s admitting that yet (oh wait: I just did). But the simple facts of the weak snowpack and the ease of movement through the woods have allowed us to ┬ámake progress months ahead of schedule. Most of next season’s firewood is in, and better than half is split. I am slowly chipping away at the the pile of saw logs from which our new barn will be built. Penny has paced off the new orchard and figured out where to put the chestnuts. As always, our excitement is getting the better of us. It’s our perennial weakness, and I embrace it.

Still, it is only middle February. I was not born yesterday, or even the day before that. April is still almost seven weeks out, and April can be a capricious month, prone to wild swings in temperature and heavy snows that break both tree branch and spirit. Therefore, what I probably ought do is shut the hell up about how much it feels like spring.

And so, I will.


§ 3 Responses to Tempting Fate

  • Jennifer Fisk says:

    I think all New Englanders are hoping against hope that winter is really on the wane. We all want to be done with frozen water. We want to till and plant. We want to hatch and birth. We want to get on with the preparations for next winter. You are right to think the way you are. How many times does a foot of snow come on April 1? Well it will be weather whether we like it or not.

  • Even a big snow now would not have much staying power. I remember a ferocious blizzard that hit fast and dumped a few feet on us on April 10, 1982. I was 8 months pregnant with my son, now 30. They closed our work early and sent us home, The day my son was born, May 18, it was summerlike, hot and all the trees were in bloom. Our season is so short and precious! With our hoop houses we are definitely pushing the boundaries of spring with some early carrots already in.

  • Jocelyn says:

    It’s true, we’d all like to think that winter is at an end. Down here (in NY), the spring birds have been singing for weeks, and I tapped our trees a couple of weeks ago. And yep, the sap is flowing.

    We’ll see what happens, won’t we? Until then, it’s still nice to have such mild weather.

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