Game on

September 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

The boys love to invent games, full of ever-changing and increasingly convoluted rules. In this game, they were roughhousing, then stopped to negotiate the particulars, which may or may not have included one of them being named “Dubbens” and the other playing the role of a domesticated baboon.

I am sure that we make many parenting mistakes. But I’m also fairly certain that allowing them the time and freedom to play these games – which can last for hours – is not one of them.







§ 2 Responses to Game on

  • laura says:

    I have 2 boys as well and wrestling is a big part of who they are and their relationship with each other- it does tend to get loud around here though…

  • Eumaeus says:

    Said Dubbens to the domesticated baboon, “I can sing Walk the Line like Johnny Cash.”
    Said the domesticated baboon to Dubbens, “you’re too famous…”

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