What I See

March 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

What I see in this photo:

I see a yoke for our young steers, borrowed from a neighbor. For a few months, our seven year old son worked with the steers on basic commands. He lost interest, as seven year old’s are wont to do. But that’s ok; he didn’t lose the time spent communicating with those animals, walking them up and down the driveway, yelling “whoa” and “gee” and “haw” and sometimes, just yelling.

I see a spade, its handle broken close enough to the top that replacing it can wait for another day. Or month.

I see the small, square-edge shovel we use so often in the garden. I like that shovel. It is well-balanced and has pried loose more rocks than I had any right to ask of it.

I see the post hole digger handles. One is more weathered than the other, because I snapped one last summer digging for the cow’s paddock fence. The other will probably break soon; this is the same digger we used to excavate the sauna tube holes for our cabin back in ‘98. Actually, Penny dug most of them, because I was off racing my bicycle at the time. I got sore legs; she got blisters that popped and bled. Well-used tools have a lot of stories.

I see Brutus, our rooster. He’s a good fellow. He probably has stories too, but I haven’t figured out how to get him talking.


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